David McNeal

David McNeal is an internationally active author and expert in subjects around crypto-currency, bitcoins, blockchains, HSMs, key management and information security in general. David lives in Lakeside, Arizona.

Introduction into public key infrastructure and hardware security modules

A public key infrastructure (PKI) is the framework needed to manage public-key encryption. PKI protects communications between companies and users to exchange information and money safely and securely.

A PKI consists of:

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Introduction to hardware security modules (HSM): “FIPS 140-2 tested and certified”

This is the first article of in our comprehensive series introducing Hardware Security Modules (HSM). We understand that some of these concepts can be difficult to grasp all in one read. So for this introduction, we don’t quite intend to break the ice, but only aim to scratch the surface on the topic of cryptographic module security standards.

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