Dr. Ulrich Scholten

Dr. Ulrich Scholten is an internationally active cloud scientist, entrepreneur and angel investor. Ulrich earned his Phd from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Information Technology, working on viral growth effects around internet services and platforms. Within the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he led a project on Strategic Value Nets in cooperation with SAP Research sap.com . In this project, his research included network effects, emergence and control mechanisms in platforms and distributed cloud scenarios. Ulrich has developed the Dynamic Network Model and Notation where he modeled and investigated Service Platforms to find out whether they can actively create or control network effects. Further information is available at www.VentureSkies.com. Ulrich has a solid experience in creating, capitalizing and evolving start-ups, including successful exits. He holds several patents on intelligent sensors in the USA and the EU. Ulrich is a founding member of SkyRadar.com. He also set up VentureSkies, a Luxemburg and Bulgaria-based company which consults viral growth concepts for Cloud Platforms. His current focus of work and research is the impact of Cryptography, AI and the IoT on web-based growth strategies, taking into consideration the role of technology, market offer and demand as well as the legal framework in the concerned areas of jurisdiction.

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