Jean Marie Anselmi

Jean Marie is an experienced French-American tech author who is currently attending advanced mathematics and computer science studies at the American University in Paris, France. Her professional experience is in blockchain, crypto tokens/currencies, and smart contracts, including use of Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. Jean Marie's current research is providing her with an understanding of distributed ledger technology and smart contract platforms and creation for business use. Her specialities are Blockchain, smart contracts, Solidity, Java programming, Python data analysis and exploration, communication, critical thinking, idea generation, teamwork, research.

Is blockchain fit for the post-quantum future?

Cryptography is one of the cornerstones of all blockchain infrastructures. Hashes link blocks together and public-private key cryptography helps secure data and verify transactions. A major advantage of blockchain is that its cryptography man es it virtually untamperable, with changes in the crypto being virtually impossible.

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Auditing blockchain and eIDAS

The anonymity provided by some blockchains is one of the largest attractions about this technology. For business adoption though identity on and off the chain is crucial, legally and logistically. On an entirely distributed, decentralized blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, this anonymity serves a purpose and encourages individual use. For business adoption however it poses problems.

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Why blockchains need to be auditable for business adoption

Blockchain has become one of the biggest technological surges of this century. It has been, and still is, primarily used by individuals for unregulated financial transactions. However, if blockchain is going to live on and have a lasting impact, it will need to be adopted by businesses.

In this article we’ll be discussing why blockchains need to become auditable, and how this functionality will promote a wider development of this emerging technology.

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Blockchain - the next 10 years

A decade ago, Satoshi Nakamoto published the bitcoin whitepaper, the spark that started the blockchain fire engulfing us today. Since then the options available and uses of blockchain technology have dramatically expanded.

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