Manish Upasani

Manish drives the Professional Services - Data Security and Encryption software business in Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Its home to HPE's encryption technologies securing the world's sensitive data through tokenization, masking, encryption, classification, and advanced key management technologies. He works with development/engineering teams, product management, operations driving professional services for rapid growth. The world's top banks, payment processors, card issuers, manufacturers, telcos, insurers and healthcare companies are all valued customers, and through them, more than 1 billion consumers touch HPE's Data Security products. Manish has worked in various Hewlett-Packard’s business units in Engineering and Designing teams. in the last 10 years covering Engineering, QA, Compliance and Governance, Business Development, Product Integrations, Program Development, Risk Management, and Operations.

“Ability” – Best Practices For Encryption Key Management

Data encryption is a significant component of an organization’s response to emerging security threats and regulatory compliance mandates. Most of the organizations have already implemented controls by encrypting data, but find that managing the associated encryption keys throughout their lifecycle quickly becomes a problem.

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