7 Steps to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Around HSMs to Gain Force in a Disrupting Finance Market

The financial market undergoes significant changes. This article will look at how the choice of a suitable HSM and crypto strategy will support and enable a fast, targeted and enforced pursuit of the corporate goals.

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Itan Barmes (Deloitte) - We need to Face the Quantum Risk Now!

Itan Barnes is part of Deloitte's cyber risk services team which helps companies to mitigate the quantum risk. Itan emphasizes the urgency of preparing company and infrastructure.

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Michele Mosca (University of Waterloo) - Ramping Up The PQC Transition Process with Internal and External Stakeholders

Michele Mosca (University of Waterloo / evolutionQ) advises CIOs and CISOs on how to get prepared for the post quantum era. This requires defined people in charge and enough time to get all changes implemented.

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Reshaping the Payment Industry After COVID-19

The global COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything in modern history a major disruptive force that has prompted an immediate response to safeguard lives. As this health crisis has continued to spread, companies around the world have worked to continue operations by establishing remote-working conditions for their employees to keep business moving. Banks and financial-services companies have had the added burden of protecting not only their employees, but also their customers while maintaining the stability of payment systems.

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Lily Chen (NIST) - Getting Prepared for the Migration towards PQC

Lily Chen (NIST) advises CIOs and CISOs to get prepared for the migration towards PQC soon. She breaks down the related challenges into 3 strategic aspects.

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Michael Engel (Diebold-Nixdorf) - Encrypting Retail Banking Services for End-to-End Security (video)

Diebold Nixdorf is a solution provider of end to end solutions to financial service organizations. In this video, Michael Engel explains, why he is partners with Utimaco for that critical element of encryption technology in financial services across the globe.

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Integration, Automation and Open API in Banking Infrastructure to Accelerate Service Innovation - How Crypto paves the way

Banks have started a process of reinventing their value proposition as a highly automated and integrated platform for a continuously innovating portfolio of financial services. Payment is key to this and in the same time under threat by external market entrants. This article looks at the drivers for change and their impact on the banks’ IT and crypto architecture. It suggests 6 crucial technical features required by the crypto architecture as key enablers for a successful transition.

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Remote Management in the Age of Global Disruptions

As the world comes to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing becomes a focal point in flattening the curve, businesses around the globe are confronted with challenges associated with remote management. In this climate, working remotely has become the new norm and Utimaco’s Atalla Hardware Security Module’s (HSM) remote management capability ensures that organizations can continue to protect their most valuable assets from afar.

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Securing the Financial Cloud

Together with a consortium of corporate and academic partners, Utimaco has been researching "financial cloud security" since  March 1, 2014. Many results have been field-tested and became an innovative part of our product offering.

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