How to select an HSM

As the choice of Hardware Security Module is dependent on the specific application it is used for, I would like to make some general recommendations by providing a list of potential criteria to take into account, irrespective of what you intend to use it for.

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Making security a priority in connected cars

The growing number of Internet-connected devices and accessories in the connected car opens it up to new potential points of attack for cybercriminals.

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Intelligent banking needs a cybersecurity edge

Advances in financial technology are transforming banking as we know it and this spark innovation is changing the approach of this historically traditional sector. How can the industry ensure their cybersecurity strategy matches the rest of their next-gen business?

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The higher purpose of eIDAS: supporting the european digital single market

While it still presents a challenge to many businesses and government institutions, the greater idea behind eIDAS is to strive towards a true digital single market in Europe. It’s meant to make life easier and more secure when it comes to electronic identification, authentication and digital “transactions” in the broadest sense!

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Local vs. remote signing and sealing according to eIDAS

One of the eIDAS objectives is the creation of a European market for electronic trust services with the same legal status and validity as paper-based processes – consistently applied across all member states. Two of these trust services we would like to highlight in this blog post are qualified / advanced electronic signatures and seals.

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Why businesses can’t ignore crypto agility - facing the facts before we’re in a post-quantum world

Today’s encryption algorithms, when pitted against quantum tools, will be considerably less resilient and leave huge amounts of data vulnerable as a result. Experts have been predicting that this may happen as soon as 2025 – a forecast which has remained the same since the 1970’s. But where billions of dollars of investments are being made to facilitate AI, accelerate new material research, data analysis and more, research into post-quantum cryptography is still growing.

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Sole control of one’s signing keys under eIDAS

Digital signatures are based on public/private keys and are only as secure as the signer’s private key. Sole control is the principle that ensures the signer – and no one else but the signer – has access to her/his signing key and can initiate a digital signature. This blog post takes a look at the details of sole control.

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Quo vadis it-sa?

 it-sa is considered one of Europe´s largest IT security fairs, has grown tremendously and attracts more and more foreign guests as well.

We try to pick up the trends while walking and talking on the show floor. We searched for the overall trends. This short summery is a combination of a Hardware Security Module Vendor (Utimaco) and a PKI Solution provider (Primekey).

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