In this video blog, Madjid Nakhjiri, Senior Principal Security Architect at the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, describes his company’s strategy to develop products today which are prepared for the post quantum era.

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At first glance, this sounds like a catch 22 situation. Researchers are far from being ready with quantum-proof algorithms. In fact NIST just published its first semi-final list of promising algorithms, but their applicability still needs to be validated. Also, the implications of making existing infrastructures and systems run on the new algorithms still need to be tested. Last but not least, all needs to be embedded into standards and implementation guidelines. But with the advent of the quantum-era expected somewhere in-between the next 5 to 20 years, devices which are produced today will be potentially still in operation. Is there any way at all to prepare them for the post-quantum era?


Madjid Nakhjiri is positive and operates a clear strategy of getting Samsung’s devices post-quantum-prepared.


Today Samsung makes use of pre-quantum cryptography to protect all their connected devices from data-breach or third-party intrusion. The device keys are generated by HSMs and the certificates are signed by HSMs. The code signing infrastructure uses keys, manages the keys for ourselves as well as for our customers. HSMs play a very important role for Samsung’s key management services.

In the following video, Madjid explains how he gets prepared and why the strong involvement of the HSM provider is a central point in his strategy. And why he strongly pushes for standardization now.


Watch this video:  Why PQC and HSMs play a very important role for Samsung's Product Infrastructure #PartnersAreKey

Work with the PQC experts

We at Utimaco have the honor to work with some of the leading researchers in quantum cryptography, who use our Hardware Security Modules.

The ultimate goal is to prepare:

  • the security infrastructure of the digital economy,

  • algorithms and

  • HSMs in unison for the post-quantum era.


Learn from the PQC experts

In the context of Utimaco’s Applied Crypto Symposium we had the chance to interview 3 of the leading researchers, and to dive into their views and research agenda on post-quantum cryptography.

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... from the Institute of Quantum Computing

We started our with with Michele Mosca, co-founder and professor at the Institute of Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.

Michele firsts sketches out the playing field. Why do we actually push forward the development of quantum computers and what can we expect to be the major takeaways?

Then Michele describes the challenges of post-quantum cryptography. He emphasizes the crucial role of HSMs in PQC and explains why. See the video


... from Samsung

In this video publication, Madjid Nakhjiri, Senior Principal Security Architect at the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center builds on Michele's statements and describes PQC from a major industry player’s point of view. Samsung is a major player in the global B2C communication and entertainment industry. Connected devices are key to their future evolution. How will they handle it.


New call-to-action... from Entrust Datacard

In the third video, Sandy Carielli, Security Technologies Director at Entrust Datacard will provide the perspective of a major security company. How can cards be made post-quantum proof and what may be their role in the post-quantum era.


... from independent security experts

The posts will be accompanied by discussions of NIST’s “semifinal” selection of post-quantum algorithms. The discussions will be led by security experts such as Peter Smirnoff, co-developer of the latest release of the GOST hash function or IT-journalist Terry Anton.


Watch already published videos on PQC #PartnersAreKey

  • Cryptomathic: CTO talks about how quantum computers influence the use of cryptography

  • QuintessenceLabs: Why do experts in post-quantum crypto work with Utimaco HSMs?

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