Together with a consortium of four companies and a university, Utimaco has been researching since  March 1, 2014. The aim of the project is to design and develop financial cloud architecture for transferring highly sensitive financial transactions via cloud services.

New call-to-actionWith the help of different disciplines (an ATM Vendor, a processing center, and an embedded security specialist) it is possible to design the necessary infrastructure.

The project itself is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with an overall budget of 2.5M Euros.

Utimaco will provides different kinds of working packages and results to support the global vision of this cloud service. Based on Utimaco’s industry proven Hardware Security Module technology, Utimaco will raise the HSM technology to the next level in terms of virtualization and application development.

We will keep on providing updates and news about this concept of running a virtual machine inside an HSM-secured boundary, and give detailed information about the use case to build a financial transaction network base on cloud services.

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An early version of this article was first published on March 10, 2014