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Post-quantum cryptography: secure encryption for the quantum age

Technology based on quantum computers has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of different fields of IT and industry — in the positive as well as negative sense.

Read the white paper to learn how to

  • make sure your new solutions are crypto agile, in particular for products with long life cycles.
  • replace algorithms in use with quantum-safe ones
  • see why Utimaco’s Hardware Security Modules and flexible Software Development Kits are especially suited for that task—and are used by leading experts in the field of post-quantum cryptography
  •  ensure the highest possible security for the application and storage of cryptographic key material 
  • secure the IoT, device communicate and the backend

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Post-quantum-specific solutions

ISARA, Utimaco collaborate on successful quantum-safe HSM tests

ISARA Corporation, the leading provider of security solutions for the quantum computing age, and Utimaco Inc. successfully ran quantum-safe hash, lattice and multivariate-based digital signature algorithms for a Hardware Security Module (HSM) in initial laboratory testing.

Utimaco's Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are post-quantum safe

Utimaco HSMs comply with the most demanding security requirements to fulfill their purpose as a Root of Trust. They offer

  • easy role-based administration,
  • scalability,
  • low total cost of ownership and come with
  • a comprehensive package of services and training.
  • For regulatory compliance, FIPS-validated and Common Criteria-certified products are most suitable.

Utimaco Hardware Security Modules are

To ensure speed of implementation in custom projects and product innovation for system integrators, Utimaco also offers a fully-fledged CryptoServer Software Development Kit (SDK).

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