Hardware-based cryptographic key management in the Cloud

This white paper provides a holistic view on the security requirements for critical data imposed by modern information technology deployment models and trends. Its aim is to
give the reader an overview of the various technology deployment models and to list the potential attack vectors introduced by such models. Applicable best practices are suggested aiming at minimizing the risk and achieving compliance when it comes to the security requirements of critical data.

The white paper covers the following:

Principles and advantages

  • cloud computing
  • data in the cloud

Cryptography and security in the cloud

  • cryptographic principles in cloud computing (e.g., multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, encrypted and digitally signed VMs and containers.
  • hardware-based key management and storage
Learn about the technical details behind HSM-based key management in the Cloud in our technical white paper.

hardware based key mgt 

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