HSM as a service: CryptoServer Cloud

Utimaco now offers HSMs as a service for secure multi-cloud environments. Technically accomplished with the CryptoServer Cloud, banks and corporates a uniquely flexible and customizable HSM as a Service. The solution enables independence from Cloud hosters and enables organizations to operate in multi-cloud environments with security and flexibility.

Dedicated HSM and maximum security

  • including a dedicated HSM for each customer to guarantee exclusive access and full administrative rights on the complete HSM and achieves maximum security.
  • hosted in highly compliant neutral data centers certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI.
  • offering a safe repository for cryptographic key material and highly sensitive assets – such as custom code – in the secure perimeter of an HSM in the cloud.

Cloud Service Provider independence

  • providing users with a CSP-agnostic option for customers migrating to multi-cloud environments, allowing them to securely store their cryptographic keys in a separate location independent of the CSP.
  • Featuring virtually unlimited scalability. 

Learn about the technical details behind HSM-based key management in the Cloud in our webinar on HSM as a service. To get access, please fill in the form on the right.

If you are rather looking for a more introductory level of explanation, rather look the our white paper on hardware-based key-management in the cloud.

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HSM specific solutions

CryptoServer cloud

Utimaco CryptoServer Cloud gives you a strategic architectural fit & risk management for your high value assets in a multi-cloud environment!.

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HSM-based innovation in the cloud 

If the future of your business depends on cloud enabled products and services with

  • encryption keys, digital certificates being issued or
  • firmware or custom code executed

within the secure parameter of a hardware security module, Utimaco’s CryptoServer Cloud is the HSM of your choice.

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